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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১০ অক্টোবর ২০২১

মুখ্য কার্যাবলী

  • Provide reference measurement service
  • Provide proficiency testing and inter-laboratory comparison service
  • Develop, validate and transfer methods for chemical measurements
  • Disseminate instrumentation and calibration services
  • Collect, produce, store and disseminate or sale reference materials
  • Assign reference value with metrological traceability to SI unit for reference materials
  • Establish organic and inorganic ‘Specimen Bank’
  • Conduct study on chemical toxicity and risk assessment  
  • Act as technical support organization (TSO) for regulatory bodies
  • Fellowship for research
  • Conduct contract research for industries
  • Conduct training for developing human skills
  • Conduct academic program in chemical metrology and support to higher degree research
  • Assist in improving quality of testing of the domestic laboratories to international standard
  • Participate in the technical committees of international metrology organizations, network and establish traceability in the country
  • Conduct bioequivalence and bioavailability study and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) characterization for industries
  • Provide training, consultancy and organize public awareness building activities on Chemical Metrology, accreditation and instrumentation etc.
  • Formulation and publication of guidelines on metrology following relevant international guidelines, such as, IUPAC, ISO, BIPM, APMP, AOAC etc.
  • Conduct research on chemical metrology; manage, coordinate and regulate all activities regarding application of research outcome and assist the government in related policy issues